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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Benefits of dates

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Benefits of dates

Dates mine of vitamins known as dates mine to the large range of the contents of mineral parts such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulfur and atomic number {17|chemical element|element|gas|halogen} also contains dates also vitamins: a 1 ​​b 2 d further as sugars straightforward straightforward in composition and is characterised by dates many edges of health, notably that the tonic to the liver, laxative and will increase the sexual power, particularly with pine, also addresses the roughness of the throat, one in all the most plant nutrition for the body, associated worry an empty stomach kills the worms
As well as with tonic to the muscles, nerves, and also the back end of the aging, and fights nervous anxiety and activates the thyroid and unrelenting blood vessels, it also moisturizes the internal organ and protect it from weakness and inflammation, and strengthens the rooms the brain and are troubled symptom and jink sight and inaction and laziness and generates excrement and cleans the liver and wash the excretory organ
According to the dates soaked against coughs and bronchitis, as it grapples with fibers constipation and its salts modify the acidity of the blood caused by excretory organ stones and gall bladder, gout, hemorrhoids, high force per unit area does not stop dates only for corpulent and diabetic 00 dates of the most effective food in the country, hot associated cold it's straightforward to digest (digest within an hour nearly in the stomach) and helps the body get obviate constipation as a result of it's fiber Sliosep help viscus movements further as circularity that dates food is fruit, syrup, candy and drugs
And consists of 21st water, and an outsized range of vitamins, 1.2% protein, 18% fat, sugars and 73, 3% fiber
One kilo of dates provides the hot value itself that gives one kilo of meat, and three times what provides a kg of fish, and moisturizes the internal organ Faihfezha of inflammation and weakness, which is wealthy in sugar and dextrose fruits and sugar cane, and it includes material cut force per unit area for pregnant ladies, and supply the body heat and alimentation Assistant growth strengthens the nerves, and offers the iron necessary for blood associated phosphorus is very important to accept and helps to calm and peace of mind so it's prescribed for nervous and Thairi mood on worry an empty stomach kills the worms.
For a meal jam-packed with dates best to drink milk with it.

Dates and also the edges of her

Dates from a lot of forms of fruit spread a healthy food center and natural, and is characterised by dates on many of the food wherever defense of nutrients helpful to the anatomy and feeds on the fruit of many people round the world, Valtamor wealthy in sugar 65-75%, as it is wealthy in minerals and lots of vitamins .

Sugar dates:

Distinguish the sort of sugars dates as rapid absorption goes directly into the blood after absorption and so to the somatic cells does not need absorption to the digestion of complex, as in the materials carbohydrates and fat, therefore, we see that the traveler of God peace be upon him was fast before praying on the recent dates, the weren't Vtmirat the recent dates weren't Tmira Hassoat sense of water and this is often steerage from the traveler of Peace by the most effective wisdom is fast as disturbed by the lack of some forms of sugars, which give him with energy
As well as some critical parts and vital dates, and is known as rapid digestion, absorption, and contains Algelolkoz further as fruit sugar, which absorb from the viscus wall is fast and easy.
Also, starting with dates or wet things helpful health as the fast stomach close up relaxed throughout the fast hours Faihbz healthy food to begin material straightforward to digest and quick absorption.
As well as the Dates are different forms of good source of metal and iron are moderate in their content of metal and contain a high content of phosphorus, which is the stimulation for the forces of intellectual and physical further as Valtamor wealthy in axerophthol and medium in vitamins B1, B2 and low in vitamin C as the advan***e of axerophthol, which resides in the increase wherever weight could be a growth factor and also the interest in strengthening the optic nerves and also the fight against visual defect, on what the advan***e of vitamins B6, b2, b1 the current it's also nerve-tonic and laxative of blood vessels.
The fat and supermolecule in the dates Vttoagd rates very low .. And dates is incredibly vital for youngsters as another to the candy trade that are harmful to teeth, and helps them to strengthen and improve their health and eating dates with meals rids the body of toxic industrial waste ensuing from the ****bolism ..
As we know that the dates are most popular food in the desert to the chance of preservation of an honest storage and a protracted time while not exposure to corruption and supply Asnavha daily either recent with meals and hospitality with occasional in the least times or intervention in the manufacture of food product, multi-such as date palm dried and keep under vacuum further as can be made ​​of jam and drink milk with dates (molasses), sweets, pastries, biscuits and different product.
The benefits of dates that has an impression well to get obviate toxic industrial waste that result from the ****bolism of foodstuffs within the body and has indicated research that the residents of the oases and desert areas does not spread, including cancer and attributed the cause to they rely on the dates as the main staple and is also wealthy in the element magnesium as we have a preventive - God willing - from cancer.
We have also noted that the basic salts in dates is working to correct the acidity of the blood ensuing from excessive intake of meat and starches, which caused the injury much of the genetic diseases such as diabetes, gout, excretory organ stones excretory organ infections and bitterness and high force per unit area, hemorrhoids, and this confirms the words of the Prophet peace be upon him that the dates go wherever the illness is illness, and said: pressed (one of the dates) of the Paradise and also the healing.
As the dates for those wasted medication and that he goes to unilateral sugars that do not need the digestion of sugars and bilateral and dates does not contain materials impede the absorption of iron also will increase the degree of efficiency of receptor sites in the body, particularly in youngsters.

7 dates, source of dietary fiber:

The structure dates therapy as in (Figure 1) shows contain dates, an honest proportion of fiber, which helps the intestines of movement circularity and build dates Melina naturally glorious, and he also wealthy in the element metal, which helps to expel excess metallic element from the body, which ends up in storage of water as the dates water pill and wash cleans the kidneys and liver of poisons within these organs as a result it contains a high proportion of straightforward sugars.
The benefits of dates, it reduces the speed of nervous irritability ensuing from associate hyperactive thyroid, so if you are nervous or if your son a swift motion and irritation and nervous Note the dates have the ability to the reduction of body fluid of the endocrine, which causes hyperbolic activity body fluid to the speed of nervous irritability and nervous From the higher than, and whatever we are saying about dates, we are going to not give it their natural right as it contains many of the advantages of health and food, but i like to mention that we are and despite our belief in the nice pride in this Palm, for providing dates and fruits wealthy in mind the advantages , but i like to explain that we should we flip dates normally and to not increase the acceptable limits, as a result of these fruits contain sugars and if we do not carry out the movement and activity required by the body might increase in weight further as patients with diabetes, it should upset dates like fruit wherever it ought to be among the alternatives, the fundamental treatment.

7 edges of health dates
1 - straightforward to digest food do not overtax the stomach.
2 - limit of feeling very hungry, UN agency feel the fast
3 - produce the dates the stomach to receive food
4 - protects against arrest (constipation).
5 - water pill and wash the excretory organ.
6 - cleans the liver of poisons.
7 - calm the nervous irritability

Proved in the right for peace be upon him: (it may become a seven dates does not matter thereon day, the magic cm) and also the term: (from it may become a seven dates of the high-pass does not matter thereon day, the magic cm) and tested that he said: ( Beit Atmar the hungry people). And tested that he was eating dates, butter, and eat dates, bread, associated eating dates and odd dates of the liver tonic laxative for quite printed in the Beh and worry an empty stomach kills the worms and also with different forms of edges for many
First: it's the element magnesium-rich foods that protect against cancer
Second: it's a major impact on calming the nerves of individuals with medical specialty diseases
Third: the natural mixture of iron and metal and received by the body digest easily

Dates for Aenql germs or microbes, and licorice on the inside of the dates that kills germs that may infect humans
The pollen plant addresses sterility in ladies and dates happy heart sad
Medina and with quite sixty varieties is the best in the world with
And dates Noha is elixir of youth and also the nice secret and it activates the glands, strengthens the nerves

And dates give you a single e Bsarat decent for a full day of effort

And prevents the dates of many human diseases ensuing from alimentation deficiency
1 - visual defect
2 - Dry skin
3 - repetition cough and a lack of alimentation - A
4 - osteomalacia and axerophthol deficiency - d
5 - Lynn bones Alihuz when pregnant and a lack of cholecarciferol 9
6 - continuous hurt and a lack of alimentation - K
7 - Anemia
8 - gum illness and tooth and not Alltiam wounds
9 - anaemia and {vitamin b|B-complex vitamin|B complex|vitamin B complex|vitamin B|B vitamin|B|water-soluble vitamin} complex

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