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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Honouring Parents

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Honouring Parents

Mother may be a sacred shrine and also the shrine of a good father!

Are you a bar for them?

Do you raise your voice in attended by the?

Do you contemplate them without consideration of mercy and love?

How to be honor your parents, and disobedience to avoid?

He says in his book: "And your Lord has appointed that you simply worship none but Him and dutiful to your parents" (1).

The residence of the parents and also the matter is beyond human Drickh, regardless of what effort the pen in the Statistics Major & Minor, it remains a minor Mnhsra Jellalhma for photography and their right to the children, and the way to not be and why they're, and Emad and their corner for them to remain.

He has made parents all they were able to both material and ethical support for care and upbringing of their youngsters, and well-tolerated for the sake of that most troubles and difficulties and psychological stress and physical and can not be giving this to someone to offer him level that provides parents.

This is only considered Islam Attahma pursuant solemn holy Astojba him thanks and gratitude and it is obligatory for them rights over the children failed to ar obligatory for one to 1 the least bit, so Maker century conform them and treat them kindly Powerful and unification directly, he said: "Worship allah and be part of none with Him and dutiful to your parents" ( 2).

Because the credit to God is human after the parents, and due to care and be tender to them after thanks and praise of God, "and enjoined on man and his parents ... to impart Pine Tree State and to your parents" (1).

Was considered the Holy disobedience to parents and conform them and to depart from sin and Marzathma Tjibra, where he was aforementioned Yahya Ibn Zakariya said: "The parents failed to land a big sticks" (2).

In a rights blessed, we find the proper of the mother tongue of the imaum Ali bin Al-Hussein (p) the best expression and complete statement of sittings the greatness of the mother and Hmok sanctuary, in the words, and footage Attaha accurately portray and detail say?: "The right of your mother understand that it campaign that does not carry a one, and Otamtk from the fruit of her heart, does not feed a no one, and had time Bsamaha and her sight and her hand and leg and hair and being declared and all the center out upbeat mood, so the joy of Moplp (many Attayaha), potential for the Mkrohha and pain, weight and Gmha, even paid for you by the capability and has driven you resolute the land even but untired the saturation and also the hungry ar , and Tksok and naked, and Troyk and to suffer from, and can overshadow and sacrifice, and Tnamk Bbwsha, and Tlzzk sleep Borgaha, and her abdomen you a bowl, lap you Eve, and her nipples you Sagaoua, and also the same for you and meeting more, to start a free world and their response to you, Dunk, Vchla as much as it is estimated it only with the help of Maker. "

The highlight here, the importance of the proper of the mother through the detail and also the statement made by the imam? thus make it larger rights in his blessed, and more in his statement, urged honor her and suggested the boy to impart them, as is the divine commandment: "And we've got enjoined man to his parents and his mother and here they're ... to impart Pine Tree State and to your parents" (2).

And so was the commandment of the Prophet (saw) a man came to him and said: O traveller of Allaah, Apr?

A (r): "Your mother."

Said:? Then who?

A (r): "Your mother."

He said: Then who?

A (r): "Your mother."

He said: Then who?

A (r): "your father."

The father's right:

It is equally the proper of the daddy the importance and magnificence of the mother's right, it represents the parent and also the Son is the section, has spent his life, youth, and dedicated his life exhausting and diligently to keep his family and life insurance-lined walls of his youngsters, Vtab and willingly skint into the hardships and difficulties during this method, and in that imaum al-Zine El Abidine?: "The father's teaching the proper that you simply and your origin branch, and to otherwise you were not, no matter you see in yourself what you prefer, understand that your father out of grace that you, and {thank|give imparts|convey|impart} God and thank him for that abundant power and no strength except in God."

A person must perceive o.k. a way to manage his father thus as to not be disobedient is unaware of it, he should respect, respect and sensor subordination and obedience in his presence came in an interview from imaum Baqir?: "My father looked at the person and his son walking, and of the Son Mtke on the arm of the daddy He said: what's the word father in his life. "

Honoring one's parents after death:

Not only abidance one's parents for their lives were cut so if the minimum cut mentioned, but of the duties and ordered them to revive the children mentioned by visiting their graves and browse the sunshine of their souls and giving them, and also the establishment of boards of consolation to them all the time.

Also that they need the proper land for them, inter alia, mentioned by the traveller of allah (saw) a man from his companions and said: O traveller of allah Is Left to the parents of Xi mend land I can do after their death?

The traveller (saw) said: "Yes, they pray, and ask for forgiveness for them, and save their terms, and to honor their friend, and kinship that not only reach them."

In an interview with imaum Sadiq?: "Pray with them, and their charity, and perform haj on their behalf, and quick with them, so has made them such Zeid God's righteousness and its links to plenty of excellent."

Disobedience to an end:

The ungratefulness, and not rewarding charity ar considered an evil morality, and also the greater the beautiful and charity was Jehodahma more offense and also the most terrible sin, and this measure stand on the threat of crime committed by disobeys his parents, even count disobedience of sin positive to enter the hearth because the persona non grata together with his conscience Amadhml no religion him no good in his heart and inhuman to him.

Therefore, Islam warns against disobedience to parents as a result of its implications and results, as through the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): "Be righteous and confined to heaven, but I had to create do disobedient to the hearth."

God has set the minimum level of disobeying one's parents in his glorious book where the Almighty says: "Either they reach adulthood have one or both of not less than 2 F-Tnehrhma not say to them a word of disrespect" (1).

And so says the traveller of allah (PBUH): "If you knew God anything is not up to F for the taboo, a minimum of disobedience."

So there's no license for a boy to say this word of words and acts like someone World Health Organization looks at them sharply as an example, refers to the imaum Al-Sadiq? In saying: "Who looks at his parents considered detestable and ar wrongdoers it failed to accept the God of his prayer."

Min obedience:

He painted God to man limits of obedience to his parents when a century worship and unification and keeping shirk kindness to them and conform them, has made the satisfaction of satisfaction, and arrived in obedience Btaathma aforementioned says of: "And lower unto them the wing of submission through mercy," (2).

And distinguished that the Prophet (PBUH) when he said: "The righteousness of the parents is best than praying and abstinence, haj and Umrah, Moslem Jihad for the sake of God."

In the interpretation of verse: "And lower unto them the wing of submission through mercy," (3).

Imam al-Sadiq?: "Do not tire your eyes than viewing them only compassionately and paper, shouldn't raise their voices on top of the voice, nor hand their hands, do not provide Kdamanma."

In contrast, between Maker, World Health Organization Pine Tree Statet him standing mandates obedience to parents in kind: "and that they try to involve me what you have got no knowledge there's no final destination in the world known" (4).

When it comes to the disobedience to God and shirk its stop a personality's at now do not conform them so as because it is inerrable, in line with the modern: "There is not any obedience to any creature in disobedience to the Creator."

But this depends exclusively on what constitutes sin God while not the remainder of the issues because the context of the verse continues the explanation: "destination in the world known" (1).

Iasehma not in the rest of things.

In the words of Jabir said: I heard a man say to Abu Abdullah?: "The parents of offenders, he aforementioned to me: She respects and abidance those that shield U.S.A. and also the Muslims."

Aftap parents and abidance them may be a duty, whether or not they ar believers or not, the things that God failed to make the license: "Brin were abidance one's parents or roues."

Other rights:

Prayer and commandment:

It is mentioned in the Quran 2 of the rights of parents:

First: pray for them and looks to air the lips of over a prophet calls to his parents, as is one among the commandments of God to man, where he says the words of Prophet Noah?: "Lord, forgive me, my parents and him World Health Organization entereth my house basic cognitive process," (2).

And on the lips of Abraham?: "Forgive Pine Tree State, my parents and also the believers" (3).

Second:. where is the commandment God says: "If you wrote any of you attended the death that left the best of the bequest to parents and nighest to kindness to the righteous" (4).

Our recommendation right the believer and also the initial lead of the parents, in line with the Quranic statement, to signify the importance of abidance parents and Ouselhma the rights in the event of his life and after his death through the heritage of physical and money keep, and not spare them recommendation and guidance to the Slahama, do not forget to request permission each for negligently toward them during this life.

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