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The History of Modern Olympic Games and Their Symbols

زيادة حجم الخط مسح إنقاص حجم الخط
The first Olympic Games when the traditional Greek times were command when a 1503 year break! In some ways, the event was still noticeably associate degree amateur contest. within the competition over three hundred athletes (but while not the participation of women) from thirteen countries: England, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, the u. s., Schweiz, Sweden and Republic of Hungary participated, however the countries failed to issue a proper illustration.

These games brought several firsts to the competitions:

It was here that the yankee runner Thomas Burke, for the primary time in history, started his run, 100 meter sprint, by doing a slow begin. He won the race owing to that begin; his low start is customary in fashionable sprints.

The swimming competition was conducted on the high seas, and winner of 2 races Alfred the Great Hajos of Republic of Hungary, won despite the actual fact that he was late for the beginning of the competition.

There is a rumor that has been told for years, concerning the winner of the marathon, Greek by the name of Sprindon Joe Louis. The rumor states that in the marathon Springon Joe Louis allowed himself to prevent associate degreed take a clear stage at an hotel that was close to the route of the race, and strong him by drinking abundant sensible wine. when the break and wine drinking, the marathon participant went back to the marathon and truly won it.

Paris 1900

The Games occurred as a part of a global exhibition that illustrated the technological progress, that is proof that the Games failed to get pleasure from abundant status throughout those times. The Games lasted for 5 and a [*fr1] months, that took away the emotional dynamic of a giant event. In Paris, within the Games quite one,300 athletes from twenty two countries participated.

Some of the a lot of fascinating facts concerning those Games:

The athletes competed within the Bois First State Boulogne Park, wherever they additionally had to trot out high grass and trees. The park was used for 2 competitions within the Games: Croquet and Tug-of-War.

The Marathon was won by French person Michel Theato. This Olympic gold medalist worked on a daily basis in his regular job as a provider of bread and also the sport of running had very little in common along with his work.

The winners of those Olympic Games failed to receive medals. The prizes awarded were gifts like slippers that prevented injuries or combs.

Saint Joe Louis 1904

These Games were succeeding massive failure with a complete lack of expertise shown by the organizers of the event. within the competition, 600 participants participated, of whom concerning 540 were Americans. when the St. Joe Louis Games, the existence and additional organization of the athletic contest became a giant interrogation point.

London 1908

Olympics, that are preserved in memory of individuals as a good event, were raised thereto rank owing to the extremely respectable event command in London in 1908. For the primary time the Olympic Games were command in a very skilled manner, even supposing organizers had little or no time to arrange the competitions.

In these Games 2008 athletes participated, together with thirty seven ladies from twenty two countries. it absolutely was in London that the known words were spoken: "The most significant issue within the Olympic Games isn't winning however taking part; the essential issue in life isn't gaining control however fighting well". This quote captures the spirit of the Olympic Games and is employed to the current day.

A Characteristic of those Games was additionally the structure - White town. With 80,000 spectators it absolutely was a novel object: the audience might at the same time see the competitions in athletics, swimming and soccer, due to the actual fact that every one the stands enclosed the fields and running tracks. this is often the sole structure within the history of the Games. The house was the patronages of the athletic contest that gave its international status.

These Olympic Games, however, wasn't entirely freed from shortcomings. Today, these shortcomings would be seen as unthinkable:

The competition judges were nearly solely British, that resulted in several questioning their judgments, that favored their countrymen.

Traditionally, the marathon had the dramatic end. Dorando Pietri of European country, United Nations agency initial saw the structure and folded simply before the end. To cross the finish initial, viewers truly physically helped him up and helped him cross the finish. Of course, he was disqualified.

Stockholm 1912

Great athletic contest was the wonderful organization of the event equaled with a high level of performance from the athletes. The status of the athletic contest undoubtedly gained as a results of these Games.

2500 athletes from twenty eight countries representing all the continents, participated within the competition, that meant a big increase within the quality of competitions and also the Games itself, within the world.

Olympic Symbols 5 Olympic rings mean the union of athletes on 5 continents

Blue: Europe
Yellow: Asia
Black: Africa
Green: Australia and Oceanica
Red: America

The Olympic Anthem

The Olympic anthem may be a song adopted by the IOC in 1958. The authors ar Greek artists. Kostis Palamas wrote the words and music was written by Spiros Samaras. The premiere of the Olympic Anthem happened throughout the trendy Olympic Games in Athens in 1896.

The words ar as follow:
Immortal spirit of antiquity,
Father of verity, lovely and sensible,
Descend, appear, shed over USA thy lightweight
Upon this ground and below this sky
Which has initial witnessed thy imperishable fame.

Give life and animation to those noble games!
Throw wreaths of fadeless flowers to the victors
In the race and in strife!
Create in our breasts, hearts of steel!

In thy lightweight, plains, mountains and seas
Shine in a very rosaceous hue and kind a huge temple
To that all nations throng to love thee,
Oh immortal spirit of antiquity!

From 1896 years Latin expression Citius - Altius - Fortius is that the official shibboleth of the Olympic Games. The expression, in translation to English, means that merely quicker - higher - stronger. The author may be a friend of Coubertin, Dominican Henri LE Didon. The content of this term refers not solely to the physical facet of the games, however it additionally encompasses the ethical and aesthetic purpose. it's wide accepted round the world and it's a vital hallmark of recent philosophy of the Olympic Games.

The Olympic being

The first Olympic being was the "Schuss", a puppet athlete. It functioned informally throughout the Winter Games in city in 1968. Neither in North American country in 1968, nor in urban center in 1972 had any being been gift. A being was gift later in European nation in metropolis in 1972. The being was a badger dog "Waldi", the primary unofficial Olympic being. From then on, all consequent Olympic Games, winter and summer, had their own being. Since 1991, the presence of a being is sanctioned by the Olympic Charter

Mascots throughout the Olympic Games

1972 badger dog - "Waldi" the badger dog
1976 Montreal - "Amika" the beaver
1980 Moscow - "Misha" the bear, a project by Joze Trobec
1984 la - "Sam" the eagle, a project by Henry Martyn Robert C. Moore
1988 national capital - "Hodori" the tiger, a project by Kim Hyon
1992 port - "Kobi" the dog, a project by Javier Mariscal
1996 Atlanta - "Izzy" the being, a project by John Ryan
2000 Sydney - "Syd", "Mille" and "Olly", a project by Matthew Hatton

The official Olympic mascots were the coraciiform bird "Olly", "Syd" the monotreme and Millie the short-beaked echidna. Their names ar derived from the words of the Olympic Games, Sydney, and millennium.

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